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Founder Therapy

During the Covid pandemic, I launched Founder Therapy, a service offering mental health support for founders and entrepreneurs.

Group Support

I offered and facilitated online sessions bringing fellow founders and entrepreneurs together and enabling us all to share and support each other 🎗

I now offer this service to entrepreneur programmes. Please email me to find out more about this offering.

One-to-one support

I also provide individual support for founders and entrepreneurs, combining my startup experience and therapeutic training. I offer this service through Whatsapp voice notes, with the first exchange for free. So if you think that way of working could be for you, please email me, or you can complete an onboarding form here.

Public Speaking

I feel there is a need for more open and honest conversations about mental health for startup founders and entrepreneurs, and this is a subject I am passionate about.

Here is a talk I did at the Zinc accelerator programme entitled, 'Managing Your Mental Health as a Founder'. And here I am talking with Graham Hussey, founder of Dream Factory, discussing the services I offered for his entrepreneur group.

For any public speaking enquiries 🗣, please email me here.

Thank you 🙏

Feedback from some of my clients so far

"Absolutely amazing sessions. I love it. Alex is brilliant, great sessions, great tips, great to share and talk with like-minded people."


"Alex has a compassionate nature which has allowed him to create a safe and inviting space to ensure founders have good mental health hygiene. The art therapy is such an added bonus!"


"Founder Therapy is a really calm an open setting in an otherwise hectic founder life that really pushes one to emotionally reckon with their challenges. I'm a big fan of the idea."

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