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Roles I'm looking for
Chief Operating Officer
Brand Strategist
Roles I'm looking for
Founder Associate

Chief of Staff
Ventre Arm Intrapreneur

Investment Operating Partner
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My biggest loves

The London Documentary Network CIC (LDN)

I co-founded The London Documentary Network in 2016, as a CIC company, with 3 other founders. We ran it as a non-profit organisation, with community and film events at the heart of everything we do. Our biggest success was a 36-hour documentary-making competition, 'Doc in a Day', which I also participated in 5 times.

Vidicrew Ltd


After the success of Doc in a Day, my LDN co-founder, Paul Hulligan and I decided to launch a for-profit startup, so after entering and winning the E-Factor startup ideas competition, we both left our jobs in 2017 to launch Vidicrew; a web and app platform, enabling people to crowdsource mobile phone content, which our editors can turn into fun and personal films.

We built a team, raised grants and SEIS/EIS investment and participated on various entrepreneur accelerator programmes.


I moved away from Vidicrew to pursue something more purposeful, but I remain on the board, whilst Paul continues to run the company.

Areas of my focus at my time with Vidicrew:

Operations, Raising finance, Digital Marketing, Market research, Recruiting and managing a team, Maintaining a strong co-founder relationship, Developing an app and web platform, Customer relations.


I launched Founder Therapy during the COVID pandemic, as an initiative to help founders and entrepreneurs with their mental wellbeing.

I facilitated group and one-to-one sessions and developed a proposal deck for entrepreneur communities and programmes.

Dream Factory in Shoreditch was my first paying client, here I am talking with Graham Hussey, founder of Dream Factory, about my intentions for his community.

Founder Therapist

I am a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) registered and qualified Child Counsellor. I specialise in using the arts as a therapeutic medium for children and young people and I am able to do this online using innovative technology.

I studied at The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE) where I completed Advanced Diplomas in Therapeutic Arts and Child Counselling. The institute was founded by Dr Margot Sunderland, an inspiration of mine.

I take pride in my confident, patient, non-judgemental and accepting approach. Through my education, supervision and experience, I have developed a solid base to support young people through difficult times.

Child Arts Counsellor

I have been creating video content for various clients and personal projects for nearly 20 years now. I specialise as a video editor and producer/director for documentary format. I particularly enjoy creating character-led pieces.

Below is a showcase carousel of my Doc in a Day entries over the years, Doc in a Day is a 36-hour documentary making competition, hosted by the London Documentary Network.


Video Produce
(for the traditionalists)
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And finally...

...I love to talk about my own
mental health journey...


...I'm a published academic, see here...


...I love to host events, bringing awesome people together....

...I love it when
people contact me...
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